Cryotherapy worked…but more age spots uncovered!

Cryotherapy to remove my age spots – check. Resulting scabs on face – check. Did the scabs go away in a week? – check (phew). But what did I uncover? More friggin’ age spots.


Go figure, I’m paying for the many days I’ve enjoyed baking in sun. But the Cryotherapy worked for this initial stage, yay!

Many websites explain that Cryotherapy is a good option for getting rid of age spots,  and they briefly describe the process. But what is completely lacking in information is what recovery is like. So for all of you lucky readers, I am going to spell it out for you based on my one experience. I know it’s not a lot, and I’m not a doctor. But it’s my version of “What to expect…when you’re doing Cryotherapy” because you can’t find any damn information otherwise.  So further to my first post:

- Depending on your skin and where the age spots were removed, I’d estimate recovery time is no more than 2 weeks

- Scabs and blisters will form. Do whatever it takes to not touch them! It was hard for me…

- Depending on where your age spots are, don’t schedule any major events. Otherwise, you may find yourself hiding behind your hair for a week like I did.

- As directed by my Dermatologist, I kept applying Vaseline to keep the area moisturized. Sound weird? Here is a quote I found on-line:

“Moisture prevents the formation of a hard scab, which acts as a barrier to the development of new tissue,”
source: dermatologist Bruce Katz, M.D., associate clinical professor at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.

- After one week, the scabs will start to fall off. Let them peel off naturally. The Vaseline helps “loosen” the scabs up –> sorry, I know that’s gross.

- Once the scab is gone, that is fresh skin you’re seeing. My skin was pink…interesting enough it still is. Should I be worried?

My only regret is not asking my dermatologist about using Polysporin. Since my scabs have fallen off, this is what I’m using now to prevent any scarring. I know, I could use Vitamin E or probably even coconut oil. But I’m sticking to the medicated stuff for now.

That’s it. So how does my face look now? Check it out, here is a visual play-by-play. I’ll probably go back in the Fall to get my newly uncovered age spot removed (see Day 11). Overall, I recommend it folks!


Day 4


Day 8

Day 11 – Gone!












13 thoughts on “Cryotherapy worked…but more age spots uncovered!

  1. I just got this done yesterday myself! Thanks so much for your detailed description about your process. I didn’t find much online about the healing process either, so this was really helpful! I I had heard about this therapy, but really didn’t know much about it, which I suppose I should – since I’m an esthetician. I went to my dermatologist for something else, but since I had his ears and eyes for 5 minutes, I thought, ‘what the heck’, and asked him to look at the three spots on my 46-year old face. The increasingly browning areas were beginning to bother me as well, and no amount of concealer was doing the trick. It was an easy procedure, despite the mild sting – and before I knew it, he zapped them. Good thing I didn’t point out more to zap, though, because I’m starting to resemble Nanny McPhee with the spots darkening – and certain I’d look like a game of connect-the-dots had I kept going…lol! Thanks for the tip about the polysporin – he didn’t mention that. I suppose I’ll use Neosporin for the moisture and anti-bacterial properties. Your spot really is gone, which is totally encouraging! I feel better informed now and will share this with my clients ~ thanks again!

  2. I had this done to my legs and arms about 4 years ago and then again last week. I am on day 6 this time. I wanted to respond to your question about how long it will look pink or different. 4 years ago I had over 100 places frozen. I would say I have less than 5 that scarred. By scarred I mean they are now white spots on my skin instead of brown. Not perfect, but much better than age spots. The rest blended with my skin and look great! I am very happy I had this done. I used neosporin salve while it was healing a couple times a day and after that just my regular lotions daily as usual. Oh, I think this is relatively painless and do not even flinch when my Dr is doing the procedure. Little sting. Done. For the price I would highly recommend. Susan, Indiana

    • Great to hear that over time, the scars do fade. I’ll post an update soon, thanks for sharing your experience!

  3. Hi,

    I see that you posted this nearly a year ago – thank you for the information! I am considering getting this done but wanted to see just how bad things would look before the “pink” stage. This is so helpful!
    I would like to ask how the spots are looking now. Has the pink area become a shade of color that is more like the rest of your face? Will you need to have this area hit again in a few years? What are your thoughts on this procedure, now that you’ve had a while to live with the results?
    Thanks again for any more info you can give!

    • I still have some pinkness, I was hoping that the spot would have “disappeared” already…but I still prefer it to the age spot. I promise to post an update soon with photos!

  4. I just found out that dermatologist’s love Aquaphor to keep the skin hydrated after laser treatments. I just had cyrotherapy on a large hand spot and I am going to use Aquaphor and we will see how it goes.

    Thanks for the input! Your’s looks great. And yes, the skin can tend to be “pink or light brown” where the age spot was. I would rather have that than a huge, ugly age spot.

    • I’ll check Aquaphor next time, thanks for the tip! And yes, no matter what I too would prefer to have the light pink or brown spot vs. the age spot. :)

  5. Thanks so much for this post! Can you tell me about how much cryotherapy costs?

    I’d also be interested in Sandra’s results, if she sees this!

    Thanks again :)

  6. You can treat age spots several ways. Dermatologists have great results with prescription-strength retinol and HQ creams. These work faster than over-the-counter formulations. Dermatologists also use microdermabrasion, chemical peels, chemical spot treatments, laser treatments, and light therapy to lighten age spots. Some of these procedures require just one treatment; others take two or three sessions.:,…

  7. I just had this done this morning. My face had quite a few brown spots and I usually do this every 3 or 4 years. This time is was with my current dermatologist. My other Drs were with Kaiser, and before that with a now retired Dr. I have no qualms with this procedure. It has worked every single time. I hide out for a week, put Aguaphor on them and never pick at them. Id rather do this than a peel or something with chemicals or even lasers. Ive never had a scar and if my skin is uneven for a while I wear makeup. One thing I dont do often enough is use sunscreen, which i dont like,. but iam going to from now on. I need to find a makeup with a high sunscreen number. If anyone knows of one please let me know. Hope this info helps people.

  8. Thanks loads for this. I just had 2 big sunspots on my face today frozen. They have become significantly darker and I was concerned how long this would be for and if it were normal (and also if I should apply moisturizer!). Your post and the respondents have clearly answered this. Thank you. I will look for the mentioned moisturizers tomorrow :)

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