New BFF: Consonant

I have a new BFF. Last month, I attended a great seminar hosted by Consonant. They have created the “Best Skin Seminar Series”, and the topic that particular evening was Healthy Aging. As you may have seen from a previous post, I discovered Consonant at a recent Environmental Defence Just Beautiful event. I am a skin care junkie, although when I do find a brand I love, I stay loyal for quite some time until I’m swayed by some new ingredient, an eco-conscious platform or a promise! What I love about Consonant is that they are locally made (somewhere in Canada), and that they are 100% natural using organic botanical ingredients as much as possible. In fact, they don’t use any essential oils; although often considered natural, essential oils can irritate sensitive skin (that’s my laymen’s understanding of it anyway).

The Healthy Aging seminar was held in their recently opened retail store at Yonge & Eglinton, so we were surrounded by their products. It’s a lovely, clean space. Surprisingly, they didn’t include any spiel or presentation on their products – a welcome surprise, and a very soft sell that I quite appreciated in hindsight. Instead, they brought in Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Marina Cortese (Nour-ish), to discuss “Healthy Eating for Healthy Skin“. One of the best tips I learned from her is to drink half your weight in water. So if you weigh 150 lbs, you should be drinking 75 oz of water (depending on amount of activity). I’ve always wondered the magic number, well that is an easy formula to remember! Donna Bishop, Founder of Green Beauty & Bamboo Magazine discussed “Healthy Makeup and Skin Care“. It was incredible to learn that the average adult uses twelve different skin/body care products every day – that is 168 different ingredients! And many of these are toxic…not good for our skin or health.

So the point of this entire post is to share with you some recent discoveries from the Consonant line.


Organic Hand Cream (pictured above): It is very thick, so you only need a little bit. But it keeps your skin uber soft, I hardly have to re-apply. Unscented. $20 (125 ml). –> I wish there was a travel size (hint, hint?)

Organic Lip Conditioner: Made with 60% almond oil. This is THE first organic, natural lip balm that has actually worked for me. It is very light, creamy but not heavy at all. And boy does it keep my chapped lips nicely moisturized; long-lasting too. $12 (4 ml).


I’m also trying their Help Some-Body Soap – beautiful blend of lavender and lemongrass. A wonderful way to wake up in the shower! Better yet, 100% of the proceeds are donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund.

I am also looking forward to trying their face care products. Although I am a loyal fan of another brand, I am willing to set those aside in the coming weeks to give the Consonant face care line a try. Coincidentally, I recently won a Healthy Skin Detox Kit for the Face through a contest held by ING Direct Cafe YYZ. The kit includes a Face wash, Face cream, their award-winning eye cream, and a lip conditioner. So that helps on the cost for trial. I also really want to try their Antioxidant Serum – I’m not sure how it will hold up against my other serum but I’ll report back to let you know how it went.

So check out my new BFF Consonant, I truly believe in their products. Actually, they will be at the next Environmental Defence Eco-Beauty Market on Thursday, May 30 (click here to register – it’s free!). A great way to try and learn more about them!


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