Sayonara age spots, hello Cryotherapy??

It’s a crappy rainy day, which is just as well as I’m hibernating. Why? Because I just had Cryotherapy. Huh??? Am I going into some crazy therapy because I don’t know what I want to do in life? Well, not exactly.

A few months ago, I went to see a Dermatologist to address my eczema. I also asked about options to remove the age spots on my face. Based on years of loving the sun and genetics, the age spots on my face have increased and honestly really bother me. They don’t hurt, just aesthetically I could live without them. Especially three big ones on the right side of my face.

So when I asked the question, the Dermatologist explained that my age spots could be easily removed through freezing, and the cost would only be around $75 based on the three I wanted to remove. I nodded my head and at that moment she brought out a mini-extinguisher and was like, “Ready?”. I was like “WTF!!!”. I was simply absorbing the information, no way was I ready for the lady to zap me with that thing. I didn’t have enough understanding of the process, and she was just waiting to be done with me to get to her next patient. So I left the office untouched, thinking I never wanted to see her again.

I started to do some on-line research, and what she had suggested is a procedure called Cryotherapy. Simply put, liquid nitrogen is sprayed onto the skin to remove the age spot. It’s apparently a relatively painless procedure, with recovery in just 1-2 weeks. The sprayed spot will simply scab over and in a couple of weeks, ta-da…it should be faded or completely removed.

So I called again, and made an appointment with another Dermatologist in the same office. Yesterday was the day. Here’s a summary of how things are going so far, with insight into my on-going consciousness. Below is my “before” picture. Gosh I have a lot of freckles and spots…and I’m trying to reduce the wrinkles. **Sigh** Whatever…

Day #1:

  • I laid down on the patient chair, the Dermatologist sprayed the gun. There was an extremely mild sting once the liquid hit my skin. The process took less than one minute.
  • Throughout the rest of the afternoon, I didn’t feel any pain, but a very mild discomfort. The spots are getting darker in colour (eek!) and are starting to blister a little bit. No pus or anything, but still friggin’ gross.
  • I’ve started to dab vaseline on my spots, as directed. I am super conscious of not touching the right side of my face.
  • I had a board meeting last night – ugh, I didn’t want to be seen, especially up close. Poor planning on my part. I moved out of range of the video camera as we were skyping with a colleague.

 Day 2:

  • I feel like an alien on Star Trek. :( Waiting anxiously for this to be over soon.
  • I’m taking photos but I’m not sharing. Too embarrassed.

Here is a link to the Livestrong website for a more step-by-step description of the Cryotherapy process, in case you’re interested in learning more. Otherwise, I’d suggest you speak to your Dermatologist.

Well, I’d say that Cryotherapy was a relatively painless procedure, but the recovery is kinda gross and uncomfortable. But there really are MUCH worse things than this. I hope this was all worth it! The silly-ness we endure to be beautiful…




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