Curl for Something…would you?

Last Saturday marked the third annual Curl for Something event organized by my friend’s company, Rock Solid Productions. 86 of us gathered at the Royal Canadian Curling Club (131 Broadview) for a day of fun, laughs, some tumbles and certainly lots of beer. Proceeds went to Variety Village – a charity that helps improve the lives of people and families living with disabilities in the GTA and Ontario region. The crowd was a mix of novices and certainly some intermediates; one team came in a “uniform” of matching hoodies! Were they trying to intimidate us? :) Thankfully, the morning started off with an hour of instruction. Then it was game time, where two teams of four competed against each other, playing four ends per game…with a nice hour break in between each game to re-fuel. Off the ice, we all used the Kurling set – a modified curling game that can be played indoors. Whoever got closest to the button had a chance to win some door prizes i.e. baseball cap signed by Jim Furyk. In the end, the event raised over $1,800 for Variety Village – a fab showing!

We tied our first game, but got blasted in the second. Why do I envision my “moves” to be SO much better than what happens in reality??? I admit, one of my throws was fully responsible for cementing our opponents’ early lead – yep, I gave it to them on a silver plate. But I LOVED yelling at the stones to “hurry hard” and move faster down the ice!

Throughout the day, I was channeling Glenn Howard, Kevin Martin and Randy Ferbey, especially since the Brier Cup was on last weekend. Let me tell you…this is a hard sport! It is absolutely incredible the amount of finesse and touch you need; the slightest overturn or too much weight behind your throw can severely impact where your stone ends up. Every time I curl, I gain a new appreciation for this sport.

Overall, curling is a fun, social sport that is much harder than it appears on TV. So, if you have never tried curling before, you have to give it a go at least once. Or if you’re looking for a team-building event, consider curling as the activity. Rock Solid Productions can organize a company event or an outing for you. Recently, they offered a Groupon to “Learn to curl” in the GTA, and Brier College classes in Saskatoon. They have also partnered with Capital One to introduce curling to elementary kids (Capital One Rocks & Rings program). Like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter (@RockSolidInc) to get regular updates.


Note: hubby deserves editing credits for this posting.


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