Three Black Cats (jewellery) & Love2Pet (grooming tool)

So have I gone mad with this weird combination?! Well…this is a pet-themed post since we are cat-sitting for friends. It’s been nice having company during the day, and is a great way to test whether we will get our own cats again. As such, my new companions have given me inspiration to write this.

A friend of ours started her own jewellery company about two years ago. Three Black Cats is all about jewellery for everyday and special occasions, and is made using sterling silver, 14k gold, 24k gold vermeil, precious and semi-precious stones, shells and pearls. All of her jewellery is handmade. The company name is inspired by her three black cats. :)

I have quite a few items from her line, but there are three specific earrings that are my constant go-to: 1) the silver disc earrings are perfect for everyday, 2) the lotus flower earrings I had custom-made (it is actually a pendant, but I wanted it as earrings), and 3) what girl doesn’t love pearls? These are just great, classic styles that I can wear day and night. Another style that I love are the Sterling Silver Lotus Petal Hoops, with interchangeable drops – I have small silver coins, small pearls, and ruby cluster drops so that I can easily change my look (I might have to get my hand on these amethyst drops)! Check out her Facebook page for regular updates on new styles and promotions. Three Black Cats is sold on where you can see her entire line. Happy shopping!

And now to pet care…our friends dropped off their cats, toys, beds – a whole car load of stuff so that Katie and Zanee would feel at home. One extremely awesome tool that they have is the Love2Pet Multi-Purpose Grooming Tool. This brush has a swivel head, so that on one side you can “rake” and on the other side you can “de-shed”. It is unbelievable how much hair comes out, and I do truly believe that with daily brushing with this tool, the amount of shedding is reduced (trust me, I can attest to it). And the cats LOVE to be brushed! This would be perfect for both cats and dogs of all sizes. I am sure this is available at major pet retailers, but click here for a link.

As Bob Barker used to say, “Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.”. In the mean time, here are some suggestions for FAB jewellery or a grooming tool…