Rag #1: Litter, seriously?

So most of my posts so far have been very positive (I have been critiqued as being conscientious)…but there are a few random “rags” that I wouldn’t mind voicing every once in a while.

Photo while on the TTC

A rag goes out to those people who litter on the subway, bus or any public area. When I was on the TTC the other day, the ground was littered with newspapers. Now, I get that in the morning, commuters are usually in a rush and have their hands full…and perhaps some throw-away items may “float” onto the floor as they fight through the crowds to get to their final destination. On another note, commuters are inundated with daily newspapers to help them pass the time; many I’m sure leave a copy behind on their seat for others to enjoy. An attempt to be environmental (or maybe it’s laziness)? Unfortunately in the end, most of these papers are not shared and just end up lining the floor like a floor mat.

Here is another example. I was on the bus the other night, it was about 9:15 pm, and some dude boarded the bus with a coffee in hand. He sat down, finished his coffee, and then [subtly] dropped the cup on the floor (loud enough that both my husband and I heard it drop). He acted as if he didn’t know it happened…and then he just left the cup rolling around the bus floor! Maybe I’m the bigger culprit, because I didn’t say anything to him or pick it up to throw away.

Now, I’m no tree hugger, but seriously:

* There are many a garbage or recycling can in sight. Right when you get off the train, by the platform exit, by the station entrance/exit, on nearly every street corner…is it that hard?

* Furthermore, most recycling places take both paper and plastic – you don’t need to separate anymore. Easy peasy.

* Do I now have to become pick up after strangers? What happened to the pride of keeping our city clean? Being good citizens?


Signing off: Fabulously average = maybe becoming an ol’ nag. I wonder what my hubby would say about this specifically. Hah!