UFC 140: What a card!

Did any of you see the last UFC: UFC 140 Jones vs. Machida? I will admit, since the UFC Fan Expo in Toronto back in April, my interest has waned a little bit…probably because there seemed to be a fight every other weekend. It became a little bit of overkill for me; each event just wasn’t as “special” anymore. Except that the last event was friggin’ amaaazing!

Nogueira's broken arm (from MMA Torch)


* Jones vs. Machida: although I knew Jones was going to take it, I was hoping that Machida could make it through three rounds. I mean, he had Jones scratching his head in the first round. But in true Jones unorthodox style, he came up with an amazing choke – Machida fell like a sack of potatoes! Unbelievable!

* Mir vs. Nogueira: I’m not a huge fan of Mir, but what a submission! I’m still reeling from seeing Nogueira’s arm snap (insert groans from the crowd). Dude had too much pride to tap out. Ouch!

* Hominick vs. Sung Jung: what a lightning bolt knockout. 7 seconds. That’s all it took! Glad that Hominick’s hematoma has healed though…that was a friggin’ baseball.



* Ortiz vs Nogueira: Why the heck hasn’t Tito retired by now? Dude keeled over from too many body shots. Tito: let’s just try to remember you from your old Huntington Beach Bad Boy days.

* Patrick vs. Ebersole: Haven’t heard of either fighter, but our Toronto native Patrick got the shaft when it came to a judge’s decision. Too bad.


Summary: friggin’ awesome. Dana White, I’m back.


Next UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem. Dec 30. Should be a goodie! Both of their necks are the size of my waist…finally another beast to fight godzilla.